Jan2009Well, The Albinism Alliance Group is soaring to new heights with the continuation of our new interactive web-mag! I am super excited about many of the updates and the out pour of support from friends and family, helping to get the word out. TAAG just celebrated it’s twelfth anniversary in March of 2015. We also celebrated with patrons around the world, as June 13, 2015 has been officially declared International Albinism Awareness Day, in support of many of our brothers and sisters being robbed of their human right to live and simply exist. When a person is slaughtered and left for dead and body parts are stolen it is more than shock. Knowing crisis such exists, means that there is still work to do.

This platform was started in 2013 to commemorate our 10th anniversary and to use technology available to us to get the people connected. I encourage other members of the AB community to stand up and be counted. We all have a story to tell. Let’s take our experiences and use them as stepping stones, to lead the next generation with a wealth of information and resources that will assist others to stay encouraged. Living with low vision is a major component of having albinism and can RLowery-AB-Day_2015-576x1024affect abilities to perform in a competitive work environment. Many persons around the world have these issues, but when you add in the stigma of race and subset prejudices towards person with disabilities, life can  become overwhelming.

It’s not enough to simply work a job for everyone of us, some people want to be free to choose their career paths and not be limited to familiar territory. While being independent is in fact utilizing the help of others and additional resources available to you, wouldn’t it be nice to get up and go… without hesitation? Well planning ahead and working extra hard is the way of life when you have any sort of limitation, but we can reduce those limitations by being honest about what we go through to make life work for us. Whether you are a bagging clerk at your local market or C.E.O. for a fortune 500 company, you matter. Your story can help someone. So log in often, comment on posts and make this your new place to keep the conversation going! For more information on The Albinism Alliance Group (TAAG) email us at info@albinism-alliance.org

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