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In 2014 The Albinism Alliance Group is working on our official publication “the ab-experience”, so that we may give parents of children with albinism an outlet to observed the AB Community and positive adults with albinism in the most favorable light! We are featuring members of the community who want to be part of a positive support network which celebrates the beauty of Albinism and cares about leading by example.

On this mission we have encountered many adults with albinism who have done awesome things and open themselves up to accomplish more than they could have ever imagine. cropped-Header-Banner-Small1.pngIt is our goal to highlight individuals who always put their best forward. We are welcoming everyone to share new projects that have been developed or under construction, but have been well thought through.

In order to support the community The Albinism Alliance Group is doing its best to be a part of the community and keep it connected by place valuable information about, grassroots organizations, recommended ophthalmologist,  vision specialist in the education world and so much more, in an easy to access online publication. Created by persons with albinism for persons with albinism. Our organization is connected like none before it and dedicated to bringing your real stories with positive value. Stay with us to through social media and share your experience today.

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    Trying to keep updates rolling out on the growth of this project. Please feel free to share feedback and ideas to help this webmag along.

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