Confederate statue demolition 2020

Why are there so many angry faces, for demolition of, reminders for “The American Slave Trade”?

Being honest … I got sick and tired of scrolling. It’s something to be said about individuals who value a war, set in place to keep civilization from moving forward. A war that was fought to continue enslaving an entire culture of people because, of the color of their skin. Confederate soldiers lost the war, but still people… generations later commend them for these awful deeds. The hero’s of the confederacy had the desire to mistreat, kill and destroy African families, to create personal wealth. How is it that so many, justify this attitude in 2020. Saying saying those were different times…. doesn’t justify continue support in present day.

Support for confederacy in 2020, is a revelation. Look how many think the American Slave Trade, made America Great! Now, they want to make “America Great, Again…”

Those who condone and tolerate this behavior, truly believe this is what made America great…. but would NEVER WANT THIS TREATMENT BESTOWED UPON THEMSELVES AND THEIR CHILDREN. If only for selfish reasons alone, you must look at this as a fault. No one wants to be accountable for what their anscestors have done; However, all descendants, profit handsomely from the spoils. 

These angry faces represent previous, current and future generations who valued the virtue of #evil that seeks out those who are #different. To create a system where non persons of color, may remain #inferior in every way…. Empowering themselves based on appearance. Now, also using anti-abortion legislation, NOT Preserve ALL LIFE, BUT INCREASE THEIR OWN NUMBERS. Meanwhile, #brown and #black AMERICANS who had no choice of whether to come here, are looked down on upon. Even immigrants of color, that chose to come here… look negatively upon those of color who were brought here and enslaved. Immigrants who know their true history and not bound to this country, by the #history that separates those of color who were born here from those who enslaved, them. In 2020 the angry faces on post depicting demolition of these confederate statues, valued that time…. and seek to see a time equally dehumanizing for anyone who does NOT LOOK LIKE THEM. 

These statues represent a special type of evil. People angry to see them go will NOT CHANGE THEIR HEART BECAUSE THEY ARE GONE, but this is great start at tearing down this invisible wall of superiority…. in an attempt to unite all AMERICANS. They are NOT EMBARRASSED TO SHOW their true feelings on these posts, but look at the many faces who support the regime that enslaved and murdered for nearly 500 years…. because these are the same people who keep killing today. To condone the #prejudice and #racial #divide the #confederate represents, is to support police brutality and harsher sentences for lesser crimes, pinned on black and brown people.. It simply breaks my heart. These people put their own names here, I’m just showing them to you. The list seems simply limitless. We can not grow as a country, if this many people want to see things go back to these times.

Just unbelievable how many angry faces, support the confederacy in 2020.

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