The Big Switch to Apple Products
Apple product review for iPad Pro and iPhone 7 Plus Ms Rae Lowery CEO
Apple iPhone 7 Plus and Apple iPad Pro 9’nch tablet

Apple vs Android

It a new day and everywhere you look, people are connected to the internet all day. Some for work and some for play. Social Media plays a big roll in keeping us connected, even at great distances.

For someone like me, it’s essential because in marketing and visual communications i need to work in and out of the office. So when im away from my desk, i too can stay connected.  I have been using android devices for seven years. My last android phone and tablet were by LG. I had the G3 and it worked well for about three years. For me that has been about the life of an android phone.

I find that Apple iPad Pro is a Compliment to my Waccom Cintique 27QHD Touch

What i began to notice is i had to buy a new phone every two to three years, because after a while they are no longer compatible

ms rae lowery ceo review on Appli iPad Pro
Apple Pencil

for the newer versions of the mobile operating systems. With that comes many great features and updates that you may not get. It makes for a very poor user experience. Myself wanting a larger screen phone for ease of use, because of low vision associated with albinism; I shrieked when  learning that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was exploding. After careful thought, I made the Big Switch. I also noticed. Many people had iPhones, but not  necessarily new versions. I thought to myself how can an old, broken and outdated iPhone have value to trade ? The earlier versions of the iPhones still work for many people. Just the sheer thought of something built, synced and integrated to work so well with its software and other devices, i wanted to try it. ( #stability and #longevity)

The Big Switch

After going to my last mobile carrier inquiring about the new apple products and features and never getting great feedback. I switched carriers and cancelled this customer relationship. The representative would sell $247.00 worth of accessories for android, with a tablet i paid for upfront, but couldn’t give me better options to stay with them. Needless, to say i jumped in feet first and had to figure out how it worked on my own. With no experience using apple mobile devices, the set up was pretty easy. With the exception of some menu functions being inverted compared to Android, it was a  breeze. Myth number one was, that I would loose access to google content with switching to the iPhone. Not, true!  Every Google App, such as Chrome Search, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Hangouts, Google Plus and Google for business are all accessible in the App Store.

Apple iPad Pro, iPhone 7 plus and Apple Pencil
Apple iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

It was also shared that i would no longer be able to organize icons in groups on iPhone 7 Plus screen, that also was untrue. Its significantly easier to get ride of apps you do not want and all of its content in seconds. The accessibility features are by far the most effective I’ve used. In the pass there was separate software that was very costly, hard to install to simply allow you phone to talk. A definite necessity for those who can’t or have a hard time reading a cell phone screen. I was especially impressed with the ability to enlarge text far beyond the normal larger settings. Also nothing was hard to find and pairing devices was a breeze.

My favorite takeaways are being able to use and find all of my Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 Mobile Apps, in the App Store. With my old devices, it just wasn’t possible. So for the longest i was paying for a service i could not access. So now im able to use the apps to start creating designs and capturing ideas on the go. Then export them to the desktop application to finish on my Waccom Cintque. I’m in creative services and as small business owner and graphic designer, i feel more productive with the  new Apple Products that I’ve invested in. I used my android phone for marketing, editing content on social media in real time.  However apple is so robust i can log into dynamic website accounts and upload pics directly from my phone and tablet. Its really a time saver and helps me create and implement solutions when time is of the essence. With android i could come home share everything i uploaded at my desktop, but could not create content. It’s pretty awesome and this is my two cents. I’m pleased with the products. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is in marketing and design on the go. I will also be reviewing the Waccom Cintque and Fitbit Charge 2 Fittness Tracker. Look for those post and subscribe to  our blog.




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