Print Magazine Idea Transitions to Functional Web-Mag

Magezine Cover 1This webmag has been in the works for sometime and was suggested by The Albinism Alliance Groups member and supporter, Charles O. Parks in 2009. Loads of feedback was taking in just to get to this point.  However, this will truly be the first of its kind, in media for the AB community. We will have direct impact on how we as a whole are viewed and our pictures can not be exploited because the attached articles will give insight on who we are and our contributions everywhere. This magazine is going to represent real change and send a strong message that we are proud in our skin and that it is not the only thing that matters about us.

We are musicians, poets, doctors, entrepreneurs, mom’s, dad’s, authors, signers, dancers, actors, models, and so much more! Here we will get a chance to talk about our interests and needs as individuals and with an assortment of columns and articles we can push every effort for sharing our experiences out to the world in a very positive way. If you have pictures and stories to share please inbox us at

  • Highlights of the Project:
  • Exploring beauty through makeup artistry
  • Examining careers through performance and solutions with assistive technologythe Experience Bason and Tookes
  • Reviewing educational practices as they apply to new and returning students with low vision
  • Sharing interest and creating reviews for music with motivates and captivates us
  • Delivering real stories and commentary on what’s happening in our lives
  • Creating an advice column for parents and various networking opportunities
  • Creating a consolidated list of upcoming events and getting the highlights afterwards.


More than anything The Albinism Alliance Group is embarking on an exemplary way to make a difference in a day in the life of persons with albinism, by allowing each of us a place to have a voice , to learn from one another and share ourselves with the world in technicolor! In 2013 this idea got a new face and below you can see the original logo but look for “the Experience” under “the ab experience” because we are stepping up and owning the skin we’re in.


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