Although true beauty comes from within, there is nothing wrong with enhancing what you have.

Albinism Beauty and Makeup
Ms Rae Lowery CEO

Celebrate the Beauty of Albinism

Albinism in minority ethnicity, can really set persons with condition, apart from their peers.  Many young ladies start experimenting with styles and looks that are popular, after puberty. There is a strong desire to connect and belong. That can drive a feeling to fit in and be accepted. In my teenage years, my mom contacted a beauty consultant and with a 2 hour private session, I and my mom were able to learn good fits for makeup in soft tones and skin care that was great for my skin. She purchased products that were matched for me and modest for my age. Having support people who care for and nurture your true beauty, extend a hand in guidance.The consultant didn’t just sell us products, she showed me how to use them properly too.

With the current generation, it seems everyone has gotten into beauty blogging. I have seen several from young ladies who also have albinism. This is the first article on beauty for the ab experience and I wanted to share a few things that I’ve tried with makeup. Hi, my name is Rae and I am a person with albinism and I am African American.

Albinism Beauty and Make Up
Cover Girl Custom Blend Makeup and Personalized Bottle

Currently i do not work with a professional make up artist or beauty consultant, but will again soon. Right now, I have been watching video tutorials and taking tips to experiment with, for new looks. Usually i prefer a softer more natural look. At different times and  for events, I may make some changes to have a more radiant appeal. I recently ordered a liquid foundation  from Cover Girl Custom Blend. This product was shared me by friends, make up artist and person with albinism J’renee. You can see videos and read more about her on her new website and don’t forget to stop by her shop, while you are there.

Maybelline Fit Me 100
Maybelline Matches Fair Skin with Albinism

Unfortunately, my custom blend came out a tad darker than expected, but i can still use it. It was $25.00 and you can download the free app for the App Store on iPhones, iPads and Apple devices. One tip be sure to have good lighting when scanning your face.

One of my favorites and very inexpensive but hard to keep in stock is Maybelline Fit Me 100. My preference is or powder over foundation because i have oily skin. This powder is  translucent and matches my skin tone exceptional well. In the event the store near me is all out (regularly) I have tried the liquid version of this foundation and love it too. It doesn’t take much and it was available in my color. Also when i can’t get the 100, i also use colors 115 and 120. They are a hint darker but you just need to blend it down on your neck and chest.

Hopefully this is good feedback. Thanks for reading and write in the comments if you have tried or will  try any of these products in the future. Would love to know what works for you. Subscribe to our blog and Like and Comment on  our Facebook Fan Page for the ab experience. We are also on Instagram, check us out!

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