What's your plan for 2020


Getting Through Trying Times

As I take a moment to reflect on plans for 2020’s conference notes for “The Inclusion Initiative”, I am reminded that we are a midst a global pandemic.  It’s impossible to know where we will be when planning events so far out. However, a plan was created and can always be utilized at a later date. It has always been my design to connect with my peers one person at a time. I believe if one conversation can grant another direction, then it indeed is an accomplishment. I contend that we each have a voice and to articulate and organize delivery of our thoughts, is the best way to make a positive impact In our circle… and beyond.

Find the confidence to live, for you!

I’m mindful of perception and the impact great character has on delivery. So, with transparency I offer my condolences to all that have suffered losses of any, during this battle with COVID-19. People have loss jobs, homes, family members and among the most, opportunities to connect. While many are adapting to virtual gatherings using tools such as ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, WebX, FaceTime and Facebook Messenger Video… there are many who require much more. I have previously used Zoom for online training for clients and business partners alike, but would never have believed that we would need it daily, to simply get through life. Our little ones found it much simpler to connect with their classmates and teachers, because they live in an age of technology being the norm. For those who group up before the dawn social media and online gaming, this is a good try, but no substitute for physical bonding.Bonding and connections felt more by gathering. Even though this is true we still need to be safe and value information that is designed to limit transmission of pathogens and viruses furring these trying times.

Be the best version of yourself

In this event, our conference effort has been postponed… not cancelled. All the work put into the plan, will not be wasted. It will be converted to smaller, organized online meetings conducted for registered members of The Albinism Alliance Group and broken down by interest with specific dates, A list of these activities will be shared in our closed group. Also a room set by invitation only will be video/audio pools for upcoming activities. The first is monthly meetings the third Saturday of every month.Each will have predetermined subject/topic, which was previously shared in, Albinism Health & Beauty. In the future will also be available on The AB Experience’s website.

Articulate & Organize Your Thoughts to Give Your Voice Power

This was created to get reconnected to interested peers and to gather information on additional, topics of interest. I am also open sharing pre-recorded videos and lives, in the future. Right now just want to wish you all well and ensure your are aware of intentions to stay connected to those who are genuinely interested. Please, continue you to do what you can to stay safe as we all try to get to a new place of normalcy with how we connect and communicate. For all who are high risk with health issues my heart goes out to you. I know the battle and I’m fighting my own with End Stage CKD and enduring CCPD of 8 hours for three cycles, 7 days per week. As, I learn to manage these new challenges; I have found the confidence to live for me. I hope that you all may be able to find the drive to live for you, without traumatic circumstances. Continue to be the best versions of yourself and remember to celebrate the beauty of albinism, by sharing your experience.


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