The AB Experience

“celebrating the beauty of albinism”

AB Experience Tshirt artThis concept has been in the works since 2005 and we have been working with members of The Albinism Alliance Group to make “the ab experience” the official publication of the albinism community. It’s not just something to take lightly and we need your input to make this magazine a success! With more input from the community on what your needs are the more we can research products services and write reviews to get you the information that will matter the most. 

As the president of TAAG and creative director of Cre8tive Media Design Firm Inc, there is a lot on my plate and volunteer assistance with article submissions would help this project take off. We may offer a print version of the ab experience quarterly, but we need to get more feedback from the community to establish genuine interest and support. Take a look at some to the ideas we have for 2014.

  • Reducing the Limitations of Low Vision ab experience pink-model
  • Supporting the Next Generation
  • Making A Difference in the AB Community
  • Successful Career Paths
  • Mentoring Young AB Males
  • Soaring to New Heights- TAAG Updates
  • Beauty Chat for AB Women (Jennifer Rhodes)
  • Sports News (Lee Edwards)
  • Politics & Legislation for Disability Community(Joma Leonard)
  • Featured Member Segment
  • Music on Demand (D. Hardamon)
  • Talk Back with SugaTalk Advise Column (Demetria SugaMoma Cuenca)

It is our mission to prove that an organized unity build on good values can originate from a minority following. We want to build a foundation for parents that allow them to encourage their children. With the support we are hoping to influence the way the worldviews persons with albinism as a whole. With a positive platform and structured delivery, we will be able to set an example for the next generation and change the presence of the current.




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