Its 2019 and the AB Experience is getting a facelift. For 16 years I’ve been active in my community and beyond as a mentor, leader and creator for social advocacy content from the albinism (AB) community. I began this mission at 25 and with some time passing, I learn more and more each day. With the support of friends, family, and members of The Albinism Alliance Group (TAAG) Our original idea stemmed from creating a print publication in 2005. Since then technology has made it possible to produce original content and get it to the end user, without a middle man. Mass media isn’t the only channels to reach potential supporters any more. This website was created to exercise the ability to control the narrative about #albinism and how persons with albinism are viewed.

The idea is to share my experience living with albinism through my writing and connect with other individuals who want to share their accomplishments or ideas. This online platform is one of the few controlled by myself for #TheAlbinismAllianceGroup (TAAG). As a graphic designer and creative professional, i am to use each of my talents to generate positive representation for black women with albinism and members of the community in general.

I hope this project resonates with you and I thank you for reading, subscribing, and sharing articles from #theabexpereince.


Ms.Rae Lowery CEO

Creator and Editor for the AB Expereince