Personal Makeup Tool Box and Organizer

Personal Makeup Tool Kit

Get Your makeup organized
Organized make up kit with, case purchased from TJ Maxx in Norcross, GA
Personal Makeup Tool Box
Everyday Look with Pink and soft Peach tones

How many makeup products do you have scattered around the house? Well if you are anything like me, there is no way to actually narrow it down, lol. After taking a part time job at T.J. Maxx, I became more acquainted with the beauty department. Learning all of the areas to put out inventory and how to organize new stock with existing, gave me a chance to shop.

I worked the 5:oo am shift and would get up at 4:00 am and do my make up and grab breakfast with my morning coffee. The store is a short drive from home and my office. This position is a great fit and worked out well during the Christmas season.

I am officially a TJ Maxx-a-nista!

I found numerous lip pallets, brushes, sponges and perfumes that were awesome. I have previously purchased make up from major department stores, drug stores and big box retailers such as Walmart. I have so many different bags of makeup, that i had to really sit down and go through everything to consolidate all of my beauty items.

Beautiful Red Makeup Case
Free Gift with $50.00 purchase from ESTĒE LAUDER®

So previously i had been using a combination of Ziploc bags, Kroger sacks and the night stand drawer to store my beauty products. The things i used the most were in a handy little purse sized make up bag. I always needed to add something to refresh my look throughout the day. That bag would get full quickly. Can help weigh down your purse as well. So to make things more accessible, i purchased this awesome case with multiple compartments. With this I was able to get the majority of my eye pallets, blushes, lip pallets, foundations and common use every day brushes organized. The overflow i store in this beautiful ESTĒE LAUDER®   makeup case that i was thrilled to get with a purchase of

$50.00. It was filled with an estimated  $200.00 worth of products. There were beautiful crystal handle brushes, with gold accent banding. It also had a makeup remover that worked remarkably well and lasted me a few years. The beautiful gold eye and blush pallets were great. The kit also had three very nice neutral colored and moisturizing lipsticks. Needless to say I was set for a while. Will add a photo gallery below so that people who are interested, may see all of the products I have mentioned in this article. Below is a video of the new case and its compartments.


I find everything to be easy to get to with this new toolbox and can get my everyday look done in five to 10 minutes with everything so organized. Well that’s all for now. Thanks for reading, sharing and subscribing to this blog. As always hope this was insightful and helpful in some way.



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