Working Together in the Albinism Community

“celebrating the beauty of albinism”

The publication is envisioned to bring a positive message from the AB Community to the World. There are so many people that have a misconception of what it means to have albinism and what it is to be a “hurt person”, with albinism. I think in everyday passing we often equate our experiences with one person, with the masses and this helps build untrue myths and stereotypes about persons with albinism. It’s true that everyone goes through highs and lows, but there are some additional things that factor into, to being “noticeably different”.cropped-The-Experience-Logo-2014-Red-effects.png

Quite often we equate being different with rejection and most times it’s not “being different” but being made aware that you are different. Self esteem starts when you are young and many experiences from age 0-5 play into the feelings displayed in teen and adult years. I think looking for opportunities to change this negative perception of persons with albinism starts at home. Before we can criticize others we must ensure we too, are setting positive examples.

It’s true that people tend to gravitate around the negatives and protest, but who is going to change them? Most myths dealing¬†with albinism are largely based on dissemination of false information and misinterpreted signals from a small circle of individuals. I would like to see more people reach forward outside of their circumstances and use energy to encourage each other more. We have all been through those moments where we may not fit in or where people have done their best to make sure that we are excluded; because of our visible differences, but they are acting out of fear. When do we let go of that bad feeling and switch it for the best possible?

If we lead by example, it will ensure that something is being done! Waiting on things to change on their own surely can leave a gap in progress. Where we have masses of individuals seeking a place where they can be a leader, I say to them why not create one which is structured, organized, and positive and practices inclusion? We have come a long way but we have much further to go. Let’s save our energy and try to continue “keeping it positive”.

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