Fenty Beauty for Review Persons with Albinism

Last Saturday, I got a chance to get out and enjoy the fresh crisp air in Atlanta, Georgia.  I had planned an outing to visit Perimeter Mall to support the release of new brand, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Fenty! I saw online posts and testimonials from a young lady with albinism and watched several YouTube videos, for person of various complexions, reviewing the products. I am smitten with the brand because of what it represents to me, but above all I had to try it for myself to make up my mind. I had never been to Sephora before and was simply excited about the trip. It was all that I imagined and more.

After visiting a few other stores in the mall and grabbing a bite to eat, I made my way to Sephora after asking directions several times. After reaching the store, I was disappointed to see the long line and realize the wait in the Fenty Beauty section, which was in the front of the store. I took a few photos sf different beauty brand sections as I waited and proceeded to walk around and check them out up close to burn a little time. As I reached the Smashbox section and very pleasant male beauty consultant greeted me an offered to assist me with matching my color and getting the products, I needed.

He grabbed testers for Fenty Beauty’s Pro Filter’s 100 and 110. Both colors were applied to the back of my hand and Fenty Beauty on Fair skin of person with Albinsimallowed to sit, to show color after oxidation. However, 110 seemed a better match than 100. It appeared to have more of a red undertone and match my hand without blending. When I got ready to purchase they were out of 110, so I purchased 100 to simply support the brand and try it out independently. The product is very modestly priced and affordable for department brands. At $34.95, I could get the foundation, but not much else. My budget was set for the shopping trip in general so will pick up the makeup brush, sponge and primer later.

After arriving home, I could not stand to wait so washed my face and tried out the products purchased at Sephora right away. In addition to the foundation also made a purchase for a primer from Smashbox. Check out the gallery below to see image of items purchased on my trip. Overall, I was able to make the 100 Pro Filter foundation work well. It was very light on my face and although dried quickly, was able to be blended very finely into my hairline without a noticeable line. I did not wet my beauty blender as advise by one of the reviewers on YouTube, but think I will next time. I also did NOT need to apply two layers of foundation for good coverage. I loved the light weight feel of the foundation and it really did feel like I did not have on any makeup.

Fenty Beauty Includes the Fairest ComplexionsI would definitely recommend this brand to other persons with albinism and would definitely recommend those on the fair side to try 100 or 110. I also want to say it does not go on as yellow as it appears in the bottle or as it appears when simply applied to the back of your hand, without blending. I believe a primer smoothing out your complexion serving as a base and filling in your pours would be an excellent addition, while not required. So get out and visit your local department store have a ball and try this product. If you prefer to order online it’s a very good option as well. Check out some online reviews and write your own as well. Thanks for reading my blog and as always please share your thoughts and subscribe. I appreciate your support. Can’t wait to read your comments.

We love Fenty Beauty!

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