OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis segment has been created to share the stories of persons of interest in our communities that are leading by example and excelling. It is the intention to provide positive examples of people working in their field of choice from ALL walks of life. We are all hero in our facets, but what matters most is how we give back.

To many individuals noneffective with disabilities, it is believed that physical limitations have to accompanied by mental and/or emotional impairments. To dispelled this myth it is necessary to not only create an example to show examples but to share this information with people who lack the ability to see it, in everyday life. Albinism itself is NOT a disease, but may be pronounced and a condition which can limit the quality of a persons life because of low vision and other issues depending on geographic location and ethnic background. Many scientific documentations of acuity show a range of  20/40 to 20/400. Although each person is different and may have ways of dealing with this in everyday life, it is necessary to share these experience for person more limited than others.

Encouraging and motivating others by being a positive example is the definition our organization. So if you feel that you would like to share your story please contact us at info@albinism-alliance.org and visit our official website at www.albinism-alliance.org