Extermination or Reform for All Human Rights?

It’s very important that we know the difference between using our voice and emotional rhetoric.

Everyone gets frustrated with the state of the world, environmental disappointments  and the quality of their lives, but how we deal with these issues impact our character. The internet is ominous and unforgiving. Often many things we publish out of anger, hurt or outcry go unnoticed. People are quick to separate themselves from one another and believe… almost anything online. Quick to point the finger and bash, but never asking why something is happening. Every encounter with another person and their thoughts is a learning moment. While some believe to communicate online exonerates them from the responsibility of the things they do and say to others while using the internet, I don’t accept this.. We are very much accountable for our behavior on and offline. Online personas and projections of who we are, may be all another person receives about us; So how do you want to be remembered?

The current climate of America seems to be taking rapid trip to the past.

A past where in the south Jim Crow Laws and the Confederacy celebrated the spoils of The American Slave Trade and aimed to keep it going, as long as possible. The Civil War was won by the Union, thus forming what we now know as: “The United States of America”. How united are we in 2020? Prejudice and racism seem in your face, in light of all the African Americans killed by white police officers. over the past few years. The way hate crimes against blacks are dismissed and how the dehumanization of persons of color seems to have gained a new momentum. Although we are in the midst of an election year, have big players in politics on trial for treason, and trying to get through a global pandemic with COVID19 being at an all-time high in the U.S…. people still find time to hate and point the finger at those less fortunate. I’ve read comments like, “they shouldn’t resist arrest” or “why are we celebrating criminals who die”. Its as though blacks deserve to die because “WE” are all, “Criminals…” In the eyes of those, who want no accountability for these actions, “we bring this on ourselves.

The most disturbing comment I’ve read thus far, “ I am NOT responsible for what my ancestors did….”

However, I guarantee the same person would not give up the privilege granted by the destruction of so many African families during and after slavery. Someone even, responded to a comment I posted, “The American Slave Trade, where Africans sold their own people into servitude?” As though the ship wasn’t out there, docked and prepared to take any and every one, they found…. Its like they are saying Africans themselves are responsible for slave traders showing up in their lands. I guess in the mind of a true racist it was simply how things were, but things did not have to be that way. What truly aggravates me is the fact that many MAGA supporters would love nothing more, than for things to go back to that time. It’s amazing that people are so hurt at the removal of confederate statues and reminders of a time that should, be long forgotten. Statues that have stood for 110 year, celebrating the failure of the confederacy to extend slavery into the north. Why would the defeated be given monuments andm be celebrated for such heinous practices of injustice? It makes me ill to know there is support for the confederacy in 2020. Well if 500 years isn’t enough time to change, not sure why I thought 110 years after would, be enough.

America is a country built by a group of individuals, to be specific… European immigrants from many areas of the continent. At the expense of Native Americans and Africans…created a symbol of pride for destruction and willingness to do anything, for power. Imagine a country built up of immigrants despising other immigrants in modern times. This does not make any sense to me. Early settlers brought blankets with infected smallpox to the original peoples of this land. They hunted, killed and finally reserved who ever was left to a small piece of their land connected to their vast heritage. All of this so that the new comers could be free. How do you enslave others, but want freedom for yourself? It takes a special kind of evil, to be proud of doing something like this and to justify ongoing oppression of minorities for the sake of doing so.

Let the people against current day immigration tell it, crime has risen because of illegal immigration. However, that crime increase began when the Europeans came. That was most definitely illegal immigration.  As much crime that occurs in white communities by other whites, racist people can only find fault with non-white individuals. They persist in demonizing all minorities as savages. Who can be more savage than they are? High rate of serial killers, who are just wanting to be immortalized because no one pays attention to them. Kids shooting up schools and churches because they have no friends or aren’t popular. Low rate of incarceration allowing white criminals become repeat offenders to evolve from rapist to murders, to hide their crimes. Then this behavior is turned into television programs to desensitize us, thus allowing it to be percieved as entertainment.

Its very eye opening how those who have the most feel they are underrepresented and being outnumbered. Also amazing is how the death and deportation of minorities is an easy answer to, making America great again. These same individuals are feeling some loss in power coming because minorities in America are seeking equal opportunity, mutual respect and a better quality of life…. They create groups such as “ Its Ok to be White”. Even going against federal laws using state legislation to stop abortion to increase their numbers. Who comes up with these things and why are they even possible? How can supreme court rulings be undermined with this foolishness? What’s next…. overturning mixed race marriages? Revoking African Americans right to vote… or just our right to exist? There is no reform in laws that support equality for all people. This is a mass extermination. A distraction to motivate minorities into actions which justify Marshal Law. People are simply reacting to the negative aggression placed on them. However, in America we do NOT discuss the cause the riots… just that it makes people appear savage.

Black and White isn’t just a problem in the US or deep south… it is a Global Pandemic.

Yes, we all get frustrated sometimes and even with all the outside criticism, racism there is internal prejudice with one another within our own ethnic backgrounds. Black and White isn’t just a problem in the US or deep south… it to is a Global Pandemic. Just like other pandemics we face, there seems to be no cure. These feelings of hatred are rooted in the fear that all that was done to take this country, is the only way to maintain power. Destruction of homes through mass incarceration.  Institutionalized oppression to ensure those minorities who manage to gain any amount of wealth, can not do so for generations. Disproportionate resources and access disguised as minorities not wanting anything in life. Then there is teaching these lies to the next generation of whites, to keep the system working for those it was intended for. There is no law that can change the hearts of people who feel this way. However, to appease the masses, a promise to change has been keeping racism alive for 500 years. A gesture of good faith has NOT been honored. When we use our voices for positive and powerful means, it should impact positive change, but what good is a law, amendment or act… if it will not be enforced? It’s a festering open wound and for all the time that has advanced, it seems we have not progressed as united states,  at all.

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