Ego Trip: Episode 1

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Here we are transitioning into a new media and communications environment. It is nothing to grow with technology. while The AB Experience has been around for nearly 20 years, its distribution, has changed over time When it was initially created in 2005 it was to be in magazine form and by 2013 our first website went up ,where the entity became a web mag. Today we are introducing a new podcast series initially announced in 2019. A poll was taken to see how many people would be interested in listening and participating.

At that time I created our accounts on Patreon and Sound Cloud. Now we will begin crafting quality content to become available for the public. Episode 1: Ego Trip is ready to drop. Unfortunately, the AB experience doesn’t have a YouTube Channel and will be a true audio production, we may post a few recoding clips and snippets on The Albinism Alliance Group’s (TAAG) Channel. Check out TAAG on Facebook, Twitter and online at

The AB Experience established a social media presence in 2013. Most recently it is now listed on Twitter. In addition the title has joined one of the most popular podcasting services to embark on new endeavors. Maybe our next stop is TV, by way of a streaming reality series . With the ease of delivering content directly to the end user, there is no way we can afford not to reach further.

AB stands for Albinism and is just a shortened term I picked from of the first person with albinism, I communicated with, online. Shoutout to Ms Trudy Scott aka TrueRedz, host of Real Talk Radio. In 2011 Real Talk Radio hit the scene with the help of non other than Rubio, but we know him best as the talented photographer and IT professional Mr. Joshua Cintron. The dynamic duo took the AB community by storm. Later on AB Nation, which was run by Mike Bell and Erica Bell, pulled many persons from different walks of life, together to form a comradery based on their humorous videos and active but ongoing conversation .

The Golden Family created by Erica Evans was also instrumental in keeping the engagement going as a connected unit. It was a place for us to share day to day life, issues and accomplishments. The next generation hails from our own Vaughn Palefanel Dunn. AB Life was Jumping! Mr. Music himself, Phillip Mosely creator of the Hip Hop Rapture donated the title that he had previously used to create an online men’s group. We have ALL done our absolute best to make a contribution to those in our community, that want to do something, other than discuss albinism all day. I don’t see how the special interest projects can get there due respect if we don’t acknowledge what their creators were trying to bring to the table.

So going back even further The Albinism Alliance Group (TAAG) was originated in Atlanta, Georgia by me Ms Rae Lowery CEO, my sister Ms Dee Dee Cuenca and the legendary Mr. Lee G Edwards. Both my counter parts are authors and while Ms. Cuenca has an imagination that brings the most complex and informative stories to life, her series My Life the Infinite Saga is a hit! Get her book on Amazon by search her pen name Varae. The first book is called, :Intangible Love: and its riveting. Lee’s new book is examining black culture in America and touching on important issues that effect the black community, from the inside and out. He lived through a trying time of prevalent acts of racism and segregation. Considering the divide in modern day America, we need pioneers like Lee and Ms Virginia Smalls of Zebracorn, to share their experience. We can’t know where we are headed without examining where the mission started.

There are so many more community leaders like Tyrone Barksdale, Lyle Dennis and Rev. Joseph whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the 2004 Noah National Albinism Conference in Atlanta. He and his wife were awesome and shedding a lot of insight about there contribution to Noah and efforts to make sure our community had a voice on such a big platform for albinism. Ms. Smalls wrote all of the brochures for Noah’s People of Color. I have read them all and sent off for them to do a report my first year in college. Ms Bobra McAdams visited us at a TAAG meeting just after the 2004 Noah Conference and she shared her trials and tribulations with Noah, and Albinism research for a paper she had written to get her Ph.D. Maybe we can get her on the show to share the whole sorted and unfortunate story.

find trends and tips that help create balance in a stressful world, living the ab experience

Its time to wrap this up, but I want to ask the public to take a chance at yet another opportunity to build something big by us for us. The AB Experience will be airing its first podcast episode entitled , Ego Trip. So subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media to learn the release date and get more news about the growth of the project. Last but never least honorable mention to Ms. Qiyama Muhammad creator of That’s What’s Up and her organization Confident Albino Brothers and Sisters. Hats off to those who participated in her vides series, Why Yes, I am Albino because it takes courage to put yourself out there. I personally never cared for the A’word, but can support creators in the Albinism community in so many other ways. Not going to forget about J. Renee and those beautiful 3D Mink Blonde Lashes. I see a lot of innovation in our community, while I am still learning about new projects.

Shoot me an email to let me know who I left out, should take a look at and your favorite rising stars within the albinism community. If you would like to be a guest, we would love to have you. Inbox us a short message on Facebook and we will get back with you quickly. Our email is of send us a message from the websites contact page.

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