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  • Author Ms Rae Lowery CEO

    Building A Solid Foundation for Love

    Support for National Suicide Prevention Month Happy Holidays as we move into November we are still focusing on suicide prevention and taking care of our loved ones, who are [...]
  • Fenty Beauty for Review Persons with Albinism

    Fenty Beauty & My Trip to Sephora

    Last Saturday, I got a chance to get out and enjoy the fresh crisp air in Atlanta, Georgia.  I had planned an outing to visit Perimeter Mall to support the release of new [...]
  • Ms Rae Lowery CEU

    The Law of Attraction

    Today as I prepare for bed, I noticed that i started to recall different experiences from my past, which have not made me feel good. It seems that negative talk and thoughts [...]
  • Where do we go from here!

    Well, The Albinism Alliance Group is soaring to new heights with the continuation of our new interactive web-mag! I am super excited about many of the updates and the out [...]