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The Albinism Alliance Group (TAAG) Salutes You! 

This section is designed to inspire and encourage, based on real life accomplishments. Many TAAG Promo Imagemembers of the albinism community aspire to do great things. Around the world our peers are doing more and we would like to recognize all efforts of The Albinism Alliance Groups members and show the world what we can do. Everything we present will be an effort to highlight the positive to show parents of the next generation there are great options for their children's future.


Thank you for following a "Featured Members" section and to be featured on our site, email us at Please write a short bio, add a picture at work or in your uniform if applicable. Tell us what assistive technology you use if any to reduce visual limitations. If you do not work for a traditional employer then tell us what you are passionate about and how you want to motivate the next generation.

What’s On Your Mind? It is up to us to make time to make a difference. If there is something in your life, which is impacting you in a way that you don’t like; look for ways to change this. Day in and day out, we go about ourContinue Reading

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Print Magazine Idea Transitions to Functional Web-Mag This webmag has been in the works for sometime and was suggested by The Albinism Alliance Groups member and supporter, Charles O. Parks in 2009. Loads of feedback was taking in just to get to this point.  However, this will truly be theContinue Reading

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