The Albinism Alliance Group (TAAG) Salutes You! 

This section is designed to inspire and encourage, based on real life accomplishments. Many TAAG Promo Imagemembers of the albinism community aspire to do great things. Around the world our peers are doing more and we would like to recognize all efforts of The Albinism Alliance Groups members and show the world what we can do. Everything we present will be an effort to highlight the positive to show parents of the next generation there are great options for their children's future.


Thank you for following a "Featured Members" section and to be featured on our site, email us at Please write a short bio, add a picture at work or in your uniform if applicable. Tell us what assistive technology you use if any to reduce visual limitations. If you do not work for a traditional employer then tell us what you are passionate about and how you want to motivate the next generation.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), factors in a person’s environment that, through their absence or presence, limit functioning and create disability. While albinism alone may not be a disability, “low vision” with albinism is a physical disability. Before I begin, I am glad to give mention to Mr.Continue Reading

It’s very important that we know the difference between using our voice and emotional rhetoric. Everyone gets frustrated with the state of the world, environmental disappointments  and the quality of their lives, but how we deal with these issues impact our character. The internet is ominous and unforgiving. Often manyContinue Reading

This morning I feel very disappointed to learn of a crime committed against an individual based on the perception of the person having large amounts of cash in their home. What happened seems to be something senseless and potentially avoidable. This crime was committed by a young white man againstContinue Reading

Why are there so many angry faces, for demolition of, reminders for “The American Slave Trade”? Being honest … I got sick and tired of scrolling. It’s something to be said about individuals who value a war, set in place to keep civilization from moving forward. A war that wasContinue Reading

  Getting Through Trying Times As I take a moment to reflect on plans for 2020’s conference notes for “The Inclusion Initiative”, I am reminded that we are a midst a global pandemic.  It’s impossible to know where we will be when planning events so far out. However, a planContinue Reading

Everyday we here stories of police brutality. Black men and women dying senselessly. Each time justified by past criminal histories and demonized by talk of drug use or some other stigma. This idea of extermination appeals to non blacks because the narrative remains the same as it has for hundredsContinue Reading


Resilience with Purpose NOWTHIS was very on point with the quality of the video produced to celebrate albinism awareness day, for a billboard in New York’s Time Square on June 13, 2019. Content was directed at human rights which is the initial message for creating International Albinism Awareness Day. IContinue Reading

Author Ms Rae Lowery CEO

Support for National Suicide Prevention Month Happy Holidays as we move into November we are still focusing on suicide prevention and taking care of our loved ones, who are just not themselves anymore. Too often warning signs are missed and people leave us so quickly. Without a good coping processContinue Reading

I’m truly dismayed to really see so many persons with Albinism, on such repelling ends of the spectrum; when there is truly a middle ground. Either people are shouting I’m confident to the world or they only share the perceived reward of overcoming. I guess material assets or your annualContinue Reading

Beating Depression with Albinism

Everyday isn’t bliss and all memories are not happy ones, but we must find an outlet to keep us grounded so that we can bounce back during the trying times. Everywhere I look online I’m reading posts from friends with #albinism referencing either they are feeling depressed, that depression isContinue Reading