Mike and MichelleThe next generation needs to know they have options! We are business owners, doctors, models, actors, musicians, artists, mothers, fathers, and so much more! The Albinism Alliance Group is a platform that is dedicated to leading by example and we are setting the bar high and not settling for, mediocrity! People can not mistreat us because they believe us to be inferior, based on limited knowledge of albinism. We are going to bridge the gap of ignorance and urge people to get educated about albinism.

There is strength in numbers and with enough positive examples, our children’s children will not beleive there was ever a though such as persons with albinism being perceived as having a “lack of confidence” and will come out the gate in the spot light, thanks to the work we do today. Lets keep sharing our experiences and encouraging one another because we ALL have something to offer.

The articles written in this magezine will move forward in promoting and featuring leaders. We want real people, with the desire to share the expereinces in a structured and organized fashion. Articles will cover the following topics and can be submitted to info@albinism-alliance.org or faxed to 1-866-611-0840.

  • Reducing the Limitations of Low Vision
  • Skin Care for Persons with Albinism
  • Supporting the Next Generation
  • Making A Difference in the AB Community
  • Successful Career Paths
  • Mentoring Young AB Males
  • Soaring to New Heights- TAAG Updates
  • Beauty Chat for AB Women (Jennifer Rhodes)
  • Sports News (Lee Edwards)
  • Politics & Legislation for Disability Community(Joma Leonard)
  • Featured Member Segment
  • Music on Demand (D. Hardamon)
  • Talk Back with SugaTalk Advise Column (Demetria SugaMoma Cuenca)

If you have ideas for a different catagory or information for us to share in the magezine contact us as soon as possible at info@albinism-alliance.org