The “Red Carpet” for all things AB, “ab-experience” is here and a movement of its on, to promote inclusion and acceptance through Magezine Cover 2celebrating the beauty of albinism by pronouncing and highlighting the talents of persons with albinism without exploitation.

This web mag is funding and produced by The Albinism Alliance Group and is the official publication for TAAG. This concept came about in 2005 when searching for new ways to connect the community through technology and organized thought.

It is but a joy to be associated with a powerful piece of media that facilitates the “INCLUSION-initiative” Which ensures that we all may be represented for our contributions and participation as a whole, in the most positive manner. It is the belief that creating opportunity to shine is the desire of all persons supporting this organization. In light of that it is the shared goal of all writers, editors and supporters to work as a unit to make the ab-experience a safe place for all persons with albinism, friends and family to share their experience with he world.

Here is to the courage to think out side of the box and do sometime different and make a difference, while instituting change in the way people view albinism as a whole and the ability to have fun doing it.