Albinism Health & Beauty with The AB Experience

Living with #albinism is an experience that many individuals outside the condition (nonaffected) can’t begin to fathom. It’s seems very inappropriate that many assume any previous circumstance encountered with a person that has albinism has to be the blueprint for all our lives.Yes, while there are tons of people within our own respective communities that help create some of the chaos and misunderstandings shared as common practice, about those of us with albinism; There are also other conditions such as low vision that or more limiting than the varying appearance of persons with albinism.

As an entrepreneur and cofounder of The Albinism Alliance Group (TAAG) it is important to facilitate inclusion in a positive non exploitive way, to challenge the issues focused on and exchange them with things that matter about the condition. Relying on external acceptance to manifest over time is futile, but using what you have to create value for myself and others living with albinism, is promising.

The AB Experience is a online publication created to share ideas about albinism from persons living with the condition. While third party observers also have a story to tell and having relatives or friends with the condition is relative to creating an understanding… knowing each of us is different and experience things based on our perspective elevates the first person accounts.

The goal is to change the perspective of individuals who have gone through meaningful and impactful things to generate comfort in sharing that experience, so that it may help someone else. Negative emotions can cloud judgement and casting blame can allow a message to go unheard. Worst off super emotionally charged testimony can be misinterpreted,  adopted and applied in a blanket of stereotypes for all persons with albinism… without merit. So i have chose to create a platform to share my voice,  hopefully encouraging others to do the same. What i would like to see is a wealth of real undoctored accounts and ideas that let’s people know that we are more than the skin we are in.