Celebrate the Beauty of Albinism by Sharing Your Experience!

We have been making a few changes and hoping to grow with the times. Our initial publication was started in 2005 for, The Albinism Alliance Group. Although print was popular totally acceptable during the inception, as we arrive in 2021 digital media is the latest way to connect to the world.

So we are redeveloping our format and updating our webmag/blog to include an all new audio podcast. This new communication tool will be featuring an array of guests and Ms Rae Lowery CEO as your host. The platform is created by a person with albinism to highlight talented members of the albinism community who are progressive, positive and demonstrating excellence.

It has always been the intention of The AB Experience to be a means for the community and its supporters to share what makes us who we are. WE ARE MORE THAN THE SKIN WE ARE IN, and how we carry ourselves is the most unique thing about us. Our true purpose is to keep the community connected and capture different perspectives based on each individual’s skills and attributes.

The show will host live and prerecorded episodes. Information will be available here on the website. The live shows will have a chat for fans to communicate with each other and listeners will be able to call in from skype and via phone ‪(805) 391-4438‬ (during the show).


Episode 01: Ego Trip

Confidence vs. Arrogance

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